Doesn’t gather sand, hair or other debris

Although it has the same traction as wax, Van Der Waal doesn’t get sticky or dirty, so your board is always clean.

Doesn’t stain

Because it doesn’t melt in the sun, it won’t stain other surfaces it comes in contact with, such as your surfboard bag, your car or your clothes.

Your surfboard will look great

Van Der Waal is white transparent. It won’t cover your board design or logos so your board will look exactly like it did when you bought it.

More eco friendly than wax

Most wax bars are made with high environmental impact components such as petroil. Since a surfer needs at least 1 bar of wax every month, Van Der Wall is a much “greener” solution than wax.

High grip

Van der Waal will ensures that your feet will not skid. Plus, traction increases when wet!

It lasts longer

Depending on how regularly you surf, Van Der Waal may last the same amount of time as your surfboard. One purchase of Van Der Waal will last about a year if you surf 2 or 3 times a week.

Skin & Wetsuit Friendly

Although having a traction identical to the wax, Van der Waal is not aggressive to your skin or damage your wetsuit.

Temperature Independent

No matter whether you are surfing in cold or hot water, the traction Van der Waal is indifferent to the temperature of the water or the environment.

Easy to install

Van der Waal is easy to install and remove, without ever damaging the board. You can see how to install here.


With a hexagonal shape, which can be cut in half, Van der Waal adapts to any type of board. See how to install here

Affordable price

If you surf 2 or 3 times a week, you would need at least 1 bar of wax per month, at a average cost of 2-3€ each bar. With Van der Waal you wont need anymore wax and it will last an entire year.

Light weight

When applied, it has a similar weight to the wax (5gr / hexagon), so do not make your board heavier and does not compromise your surf. Check all technical data here