Step 1

Without peel off the pieces, arrange them on the board with the pattern that best serve your surf.

If you need you can cut hexagons in half to better adapt to your board shape.


Using the board stringer as a guide, peel off 1 hexagon and apply it on the center of your board



Using the guide piece that comes in the box, start to apply the remaining hexagons along the surfboard as the design that you set before



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Ensure that your board is completely clean and dry before apply the Van der Waal. If your board has wax applied, you should first remove all the wax from the board and brush all the stains and remains with a cloth soaked in alcohol. To see how you can effectively remove all surfboard wax, try searching the web.

After apply Van der Waal, we advise you to wait one day before your next surf in order to completely fix Van der Waal